A combined Harvard University Business School / Ernst and Young Study of 2,000 CEO’s followed over a 10 year cycle, demonstrated that Mentored Business Leaders have a 70% greater chance of success and are 20% more likely to grow their businesses ahead of their peer group


Professional Leadership Mentoring


So…’re a great architect / accountant / developer / engineer / lawyer / marketeer / scientist /……..and because of it, you own or run a business.  Apply logic, a little common sense and possibly, you’ll do very well.  


Or will you…..? 


Imagine if we thought that way about flying a plane; read the book, know the theory, we’ll stay airborne somehow, take satnav, pick it up as we go along….. Doesn’t sound too smart does it?  


Why then, think logic, common sense, trial – hopefully without fatal error, is the right way to run something as complex as a business?  Especially in a rapidly changing connected economy!


We’ve learned that when leaders are provided with the right strategic tools and guidance to realise their full aspirations, outstanding results follow. We’ve found traditional strategic advisory models too slow and complicated for today’s agile business environment and often too removed. You know; that consultants report left with you to use as a door stop! 


Our methodology was born of a passion to make strategic planning and execution clear, concise, rapid and most of all – useful! We realise its lonely at the top and often hard to find that unbiased person to turn to for advice, guidance or support. Someone with no agenda other than to see you succeed.


Someone you might describe as your “flying instructor”. Why not let us help you turn your good intentions into great results?

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