Autonomous vehicles – where are we?

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) represent the most important disruption since we moved from horse-pulled carriages and are about to revolutionise mobility as we now know it.   Autonomous vehicles have the potential to drastically reduce human casualty — we are the cause of around 90% of road deaths. Autonomous vehicles will foster the development of mobility as a service, […]

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The argument for transformational strategy

I’m reposting a blog I wrote way back in July 2013 as it is interesting to reflect on some history to the now “too often” banded around phrases of “transformation” and “disruption”.   The latter in particular having formal definition as a result of Professor Clayton Christensen at Harvard’s work over more than 20 years, […]

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One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

Scientists have discovered nearly 3,500 planets that circle a star other than our sun. And, yet, something about the announcement of seven new exoplanets this week seemed to have struck a chord with millions of people in ways the previous thousands did not. Even a friends six-year-old daughter Elizabeth caught the buzz, “going nuts over […]

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THE FUTURE – it’s here now!

A recent presentation by Dr Martin Stillman-Jones   Today I’m going to talk about some of the things which are about to start knocking on your door. Things that will change your lives. Things that are being referred to as the next “Industrial Revolution”. What’s sometimes referred to as “the internet of things” – the […]

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IoT Future

We are in the early days of another transformative technology revolution. A new era where the most mundane items in our lives can talk wirelessly among themselves, performing tasks on command, giving us data we’ve never had before. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a world where up to 50 billion things (or devices) will […]

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Connected Cars & Banks

The car is more wired than ever. But experts say late-model cars on the road today are just a precursor to truly connected cars just around the corner. In the near future this next generation of cars — loaded with sensors and screens, feeding back to third parties huge amounts of data on vehicle performance […]

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