About Us;

We always seeks to be open & clear about our services and how we work. We “sell” our time and with it, our expertise. We offer services at market competitive hourly rates and pride ourselves on delivering value for money.

Due to the nature of what we do, it often isn’t clear to either party from the outset, precisely what the objectives are. In fact, we often find what we are initially asked in to discuss, doesn’t end up being the reason for engagement!

Our work is about relationships over time not a short consultation ~ we need to get to know you, how best to work with you and measure this in the context of what you are seeking to deliver – then; how we may (or may not) be able to assist.

We need to understand what may be hindering your delivery, making staff relationships falter, a strategy not perform and the surrounding circumstances, in order to be accurate with our assessment of the conditions. We can then be focussed & effective in our support, plus cost effective in our delivered results. This will require that we ask many questions…..quite a few that will appear to be similar or the same, perhaps repeated to measure knowledge or consistency or seeking subtle differences in what we’re looking to capture.

In order to provide as great a level of transparency and clarity on what we offer in the early stages of discussion with new clients as we possibly can, we operate a standard “Appointment Letter” so all parties understand the rules of the game. After all, you wouldn’t start to play a sport without rules or there would be confusion, a lack of direction & poor results ~ this applies equally to us!

Our Appointment Letter sets out simple straight forward terms, what we’ll provide during the time we get to know a client and their business. It details commitments to you and what we’ll seek from you in return ~ to ensure maximum efficacy, professionalism & value for money. Simple things like who contacts who for meetings, through to things such as confidentiality & sharing of data plus and non-disclosure.

If you have questions regarding our process, please raise them at as early a stage as possible ~ we are passionately committed to openness, frank discussion and clarity at all times in order to be effective in the work we do. These are the cornerstones of good strategic input, where our Client Testimonials generously commend our record.

We look forward to working with you and adding value to you and your enterprise!


Content Copyright;

Where a web site pulls information from the public domain (as we do in areas of our communication), it is always possible that content may inadvertently be held over which someone else may claim exclusivity or copyright. It is not our intention to infringe content copyright in any way, where we work hard to ensure our site contains original content or material correctly attributed. This can rarely be guaranteed however. Therefore, please advise us of any copyright infringement on any element of our site, which we may have included in error. No responsibility for infringement can be accepted or charges for use paid. We will however, respond immediately when any error is highlighted. We are happy to remove content or accredit it as appropriate. Thank you for your co-operation and assistance. Partner is a marketing term and doesn’t infer legal position.  If you MUST send Snailmail, please address it to our Accountants at: Traviss & Co, Newtown House, 38 Newtown Road, Liphook, Hants GU30 7DX.